Water Pressure

A good, reliable source of water is essential for quality of life, proper hygiene and fire protection. The Clarksville Water Department is committed to delivering safe and reliable water to the community at a minimum pressure of 20 pounds per square inch (psi) as required by state law. Pressure throughout the water distribution system during normal operating conditions is maintained using elevated storage tanks and water booster stations.

Water pressure varies in different parts of the city depending upon location, elevation and demand. The City of Clarksville plumbing code requires property owners to install and maintain water pressure regulators on their properties located in high-pressure areas. High pressure is defined as pressure exceeding 80 psi. Please consult with a professional plumber for installation or repairs.

Water Pressure Checks

You may request the pressure be checked by calling the Water Distribution Office at 931-553-2497 if you experience a water pressure problem. A city employee will check the water pressure at the nearest fire hydrant to the home, at the water meter if possible and on an outside faucet. The findings will be reported to you.

Please keep in mind that water pressure normally fluctuates around 10 psi. If the water pressure in your neighborhood is found to be normal, then the pressure problem is most likely the result of a plumbing system problem on your property. Consult with a professional plumber to locate the pressure problem.

Sample of Pressure Reducing ValveHigh Water Pressure

Water pressure higher than 80 psi may result in homes located near a geographically low point, such as a creek. Homes located near water booster stations may also experience high water pressure. Clarksville Gas and Water cannot alleviate high water pressure, however a water pressure reducing valve (PRV) installed in the home or on the property can help and it can also help protect your plumbing.

A PRV reduces the water pressure coming into your home in much the same way that a surge protector protects your computer or television. Please consult with a licensed plumber who can assess your current plumbing system and recommend whether or not a PRV is needed. The most common cause of a sudden increase in water pressure is a faulty pressure regulator. The pressure regulator may need adjusting or replaced. You may want to contact a plumbing professional to inspect the regulator. 


Symptoms of high pressure may include:

  • "Clanging" or "rattling" pipes when a faucet, dishwasher or washing machine shuts off
  • Water heater pressure relief valve malfunctions
  • Reccurring leaks

Additional Information

If you have additional questions, please call a local plumber or our water distribution office at 931-553-2497.