Training Division


Training is a continual never ending process involving all member of the Clarksville Police Department. The training function is the responsibility of the Professional Integrity Division Commander or their designee. The training division of the Clarksville Police Department is responsible for ensuring: 

  • the department  meets mandatory and in-service training requirements
  • better educated and more professional personnel
  • more efficient and effective accomplishment of departmental objective
  • improved police community relations
  • career development opportunities within the department
  • training in specialized areas of law enforcement
  • training consistent with departmental law enforcement responsibilities

These responsibilities include: 

1) training both sworn and civilian personnel

2) developing training personnel

3) notifying personnel of required training and training that is available

4) maintaining training records which include dates of training, types of training received attendance, and test scores

5) ensuring that required training programs are attended, and that progress evaluation reports, vouchers, and records related to those training programs are maintained

6) coordinating, implementing, and evaluating training programs

7) selecting instructors

8) maintaining liaison between the Clarksville Police Department and the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and any other training organizations that apply

9) ensuring that all training activities are conducted within the framework of departmental goals in cooperation with all operational units: 

  • ensuring that P.O.S.T. requirements are met
  • providing instructors to other facilities, agencies, and other training organization when requested and where possible
  • utilizing instructors from other state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies when feasible


The Training Division is required by the State of Tennessee to complete 40 hours of police training for every sworn member annually. This training involves defensive tactics, firearms, driving skills and additional classes based on trends across the country.