The Adopt-A-Plot program is a great opportunity for individuals or organizations to give back to the community by beautifying these designated areas.

With a variety of locations around the city, interested citizens will have no problem finding a convenient location. 

Interested? Call 931-553-2444 for more information!

Things to know

  • All landscape designs and/or plans shall be submitted in writing and approved by the City of Clarksville Building and Facilities Maintenance Department and prior to the initiation of any work. *Note – According to TDOT, vegetation in high traffic areas must be kept to a maximum of 27” tall or they will be removed. 
  • The landscape bed(s) shall receive weekly maintenance including watering, weeding and deadheading flowers, and removal of plant debris and/or trash from March 1st through November 1st.
  • Adoptee/Participants are responsible for the purchase of plants, fertilizer, topsoil, mulch, trash bags, and any other implements desired for the landscape bed(s).Pesticides and herbicides are not permitted.