Can I add projects for consideration to this capital project?

Absolutely. Please email to provide feedback on projects you would like to see considered for inclusion in the capital project. 

Committee Members:

Michelle Lowe | Diversity and Equity Inclusion Officer, Title II and Title VI Coordinator

Lauren Winters | Grants Director

Brandon Sather | Project Coordinator, Municipal Properties

John Hilborn | Project Manager, Municipal Properties

Amie Wilson | Chief Information Officer

David Smith | Director, Clarksville Street Department

Mike Ringgenberg | Director, Clarksville Transit System

Jimmy Settle | Communications Director

Michael Palmore | Director, Building & Facilities Maintenance

Patricia Nesbitt | Business Analyst, Clarksville Transit System

Robert Forest | Captain, Clarksville Fire Rescue

Daniel Lane | Captain, Clarksville Police Department

Casey Williams | Communications Specialist

Bob Kendrick | Codes Enforcement Manager, Building & Codes

Charles Simon | Grounds & Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, BFM

Charles Bentley | Ground & Facilities Maintenance Manager, Parks & Rec

Yolanda Davis | Senior Human Resources Specialist, CDE Lightband

Brandy Slaughter | Executive Assistant, Clarksville Gas, Water and Sewer

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1. How did this concept/capital project get started?
2. What is the Accessibility Enhancements Capital Project?
3. What types of accessibility does this initiative/capital project address?
4. Can I see the projects that are planned?
5. Can I add projects for consideration to this capital project?